5 Earring Styles That Will Convince You To Skip The Studs

Studs are the go-to option for women who prefer something simple, something that’s not too flashy or something that can be worn daily without any effort. By that logic, we give studs full marks for being pretty and versatile. But when comfort sets in, so does routine. If you want to break the cycle of wearing studs way too often, then we’ve got five earring styles that will convince you to try something new.

5 Earring Styles That Will Convince You to Skip the Studs
  1. Spring Vibes:

    The season of revival, rejuvenation and rebirth demands something that’s equally beautiful. And a pair of earrings that showcase the charm of a grapevine fits the bill perfectly. We recommend you opt for a dazzling gemstone, such as an intense red garnet to elevate its appeal even more. The vibrancy of such an earring will effortlessly complement both your day and night look.

  2. Chic Monochrome:

    Be it pictures, outfits or jewelry, black and white together have a way of making almost anything look like a piece of art. A pair of long chain drop earrings featuring precious pearls is one such example. The sleek design and the choice of gems used put the spotlight on the overall shape, form and pattern by taking away any overpowering colors. The fact that the earrings drop below your earlobes give it a seamless fluidity, which will light up your face with subtle movements. Go ahead, ditch the studs and looks super chic with this one!

  3. Double Hoops:

    Why stop at just one when you can have two, right? Hoops by themselves are a must-have because they radiate a fun and playful appeal. Whether you want to make your casual outfit look sassy or your LBD look more flirty, a pair of hoops will always have your back. Now you can also go one step further and flaunt double hoops for twice the amount of style! We suggest you pick a pair which features contrasting gemstones to make this really standout.

  4. Flower Power:

    Nature-inspired designs will never go out of style. On the contrary, the fashion and jewelry segment will keep reinventing motifs which will continue to remain a treat for the eyes, such as a flower. So if you want to do away with studs or are searching for an alternative to brighten up your look then opt for a pair of floral cluster dangle earrings. A gemstone like pink tourmaline, especially, is a great option if you want to exude a pretty feminine charm.

  5. Twist of Infinity:

    If you consider a pair of chandelier earrings too fancy, but also want to go beyond the humble studs then bring home a pair of gorgeous infinity earrings. A design like this is not minimalist, but it’s not over the top either. A piece like this demands attention with its elegant twists and curves. The addition of precious jewels and meaningful symbolism makes it a wonderful gift for yourself or someone you love.