5 Ways You’re Damaging Your Wedding Ring

Your wedding ring is one of the most special pieces of jewelry that you’ll ever own. It’s a sparkling symbol of your love and commitment. Make sure you aren’t committing these five mistakes, and your ring will remain safe and shiny for a long time.


1. Exposing it to chemicals

The harmful chemicals in cleaning products and aerosols can affect the luster of your ring. Apart from these, perfumes and hair products can also damage the stone. Lotions and creams may lead to stone discoloration as well. Take your ring off while performing any kind of household cleaning or while slathering on body lotions.

2. Wearing it while working out

It’s a bad idea to wear your wedding ring while you hit the gym. Your gym sessions will do good to your body but can be torturous for your ring. Lifting weights, cycling and other activities can chip or damage diamonds and gemstones. The risk is greater when it comes to softer stones such as opals, onyx or emerald. It is advisable to leave the ring either in your gym bag or at home.

3. Washing hands

Every time you wash your hands with the ring on, soap tends to stick to the surface of the stone. This affects the brilliance and shine of the ring. To ensure that it keeps sparkling at all times, take it off while washing your hands.

4. Not cleaning it

Your wedding ring needs to be cleaned every once in a while. Most gemstone rings can be cleaned at home using warm water and mild soap. Visit the jeweler at least once in six months and have it professionally cleaned.

5. Engaging in gardening

If gardening is one of your hobbies, ensure that you leave the ring back in your house while you’re working in your garden. The sand, dirt and tools may cause damage to the ring. Sudden impact can also affect the ring’s shape and cause side stones to come off the setting.

A little extra care will go a long way in protecting your wedding ring from any kind of damage. Simply treat it the right way to ensure that your sparkling possession retains its beauty and brilliance.