6 Ways You Might Be Ruining Your Fine Jewelry

We, as consumers, sometimes don’t make much of an effort to maintain the value of many purchases that are made throughout the year. But just the way we get our cars periodically serviced, fine jewelry too must be well-cared for. After all, some of them might be an investment that you would want to pass on to future generations.

A crucial part of ensuring that your jewelry stays in stellar condition also involves protecting it from certain routine activities that can cause damage. Here’s a list of 6 points you must keep in mind to avoid the same.

  1. When Using Grooming Products

    Don’t: Avoid applying lotion, hair spray, sunscreen or perfume after you’ve worn your jewelry as the chemicals in these products can cause surface damage. These everyday items, along with dirt that gets accumulated over a period of time, can together cause the brilliance of the stone to fade away.

    Do: Use all of the items mentioned above before you put on your jewelry. If you forget to do so, then wear gloves, or use a scarf/towel on your jewelry to protect it during the application of such grooming products.

  2. During Swimming

    Don’t: Be it in the pool or the beach, wearing fine jewelry while swimming is not a great idea. There’s a good chance that you may lose your earrings or ring in the sand, at the bottom of a pool or in the drainage system. Over a period of time, salt water and chlorine chemicals can also lead to discoloration or corrosion of the metal finish. Take a look at the Statue of Liberty for instance. It was once a bright shiny copper, and now an oxidized green. We don’t want your fine jewelry to change color, so your best bet is to avoid chlorine and salt water.

    Do: Safely store your jewelry in appropriate bags or boxes during water sports or swimming.

  3. In the Gym

    Don’t: Sweat, just like ocean water and chlorine, contains salt and can harm the finish of your jewelry. Also, rings are more prone to damage in the gym as they can bend out of shape with weight lifting. Prongs can also loosen up while working out using various machines, and this may eventually cause the stone to fall out.

    Do: Save your fine jewelry for a night out of town, not a gym session. Leave it at home and enjoy your work out!

  4. Daily Wear

    Don’t: If you’re someone who wears fine jewelry 24/7, then you might be putting your precious gems at risk. Sleeping with a necklace on, especially, can cause the chain to knot up. The twisting may eventually lead to more serious damage over a period of time.

    Do: Keep aside your necklace and other fine jewelry before bed and any kind of strenuous activity. This simple trick will help you avoid the loss/replacement of stones and chains.

  5. Cleaning with Ultra Sonic Cleaners

    Don’t: Ultrasonic cleaning is not appropriate for all stones. This is primarily because many precious gems have inclusions that may worsen when subjected to this process. Sometimes the damage can be irreparable; therefore it is advisable to be aware of what kind of cleaning method works for your fine jewelry based on the gemstone it has.

    Do: Using mild soap water and a soft bristle brush is one of the easiest and effective ways to clean jewelry. However, if you wish to be more cautious then get it assessed and cleaned by a professional.

  6. Taking the Ring Off Incorrectly

    Don’t: Most of us tend to press the stone of the ring directly to pull it out of the finger. This seemingly harmless practice can result in loosening of prongs, and eventually the gem.

    Do: The right way to do this is simple. Pull the ring gently over your finger by grasping both sides of the shank, and not the stone.

    Follow these simple dos and don’ts to help keep your fine jewelry in great shape for generations to come.