A Guide To Gemstone Cuts

When it comes to picking the perfect gemstone, its ‘cut’ is an important aspect that must not be ignored. Technically, this word refers to the process of turning rough/unpolished crystals into beautiful gemstones that are suitable for use in jewelry. Cutting not only gives the gem a specific shape, but also enhances its brilliance, color and luster, and hides imperfections in the best possible way.

Below we’ve listed some of the most frequently seen cuts and shapes in jewelry pieces.

Gemstone Cuts Guide
  1. Round: As the name suggests, the gem is round in shape. Among all the options available, this is the most classic style, which also maximizes the brilliance of the stone. Initially, it was developed specifically for diamonds, but now it is used for all gems.
  2. Oval: The term ‘oval’ is believed to have been derived from the Latin word ‘ovum’ meaning egg; and the resemblance is evident. Simply put, it is an elliptical variation of a round gemstone. A well-proportioned oval shape will increase the fire and sparkle of the gem and make it look exceptionally beautiful.
  3. Square: Derived from the Latin word ‘exquadra’ meaning ‘square’, this is an easily recognizable shape wherein all the sides of the gemstone are equal. Many believe it symbolizes truth, justice and equality.
  4. Trillion: These gems are essentially triangular in shape. As they are equilateral in form, they reflect an immense amount of light. Jewels that are trillion in shape are a good option for someone who wants brilliance, but does not want to go for a conventional round gem.
  5. Cushion: This shape has been popular for centuries and is, essentially, a square/rectangular cut with rounded edges. It is also called the ‘pillow cut’ as it looks like a couch cushion. This shape elevates the gem’s luster and clarity, and is considered to be classier than the others.
  6. Marquise: It is also known as the ‘navette’ cut, meaning ‘little ship” in French. It is typically an elongated oval shape with tapered ends on both the sides. The marquise shape enhances the brilliance and color of the gemstone.
  7. Heart: As the name goes, the gem is cut in a heart shape. This is the universal representation of love and a popular choice for engagement rings. It features two perfectly equal halves, a sharp cleft and slightly rounded sides. A flawlessly executed heart-shaped gem radiates superb sparkle.
  8. Pear: Also known as the ‘teardrop’ shape, it’s a cross between marquise and oval. A pear-shaped gemstone is pointed at one end and rounded on the other. This cut reflects light beautifully, and is frequently chosen for different jewelry pieces.
  9. Princess-Cut: This is a popular and preferred cut for diamonds. It’s a modified square cut that brings out the inner brilliance and sparkle of the gem. Princess-cut gems are characterized by the sharp and uncut corners of the square shape. It is predominantly used only for diamonds and engagement rings.
  10. Emerald-Cut: An emerald-cut stone is rectangular in shape with a ‘step-cut’ seen on the edges of all sides. This is done to create a beautiful illusion of flashes of light that contrast the dark planes within each step. Stones featuring this cut appear to be large due to the wider top surface (table). It was earlier only used to cut emeralds, hence the name. Currently, the emerald-cut is used for all gems.
  11. Asscher-Cut: This is a square-shaped variation of the emerald-cut. It also features ‘step-cut’ with equally spaced out steps and cropped corners. In simple words, it is a hybrid of the square and emerald-cut. The alignment of the Asscher’s facets makes the gemstone appear extremely brilliant.
  12. Radiant-Cut: This is a combination of princess and cushion-cut. It owes its remarkable luster to around 70 facets seen on the stone’s crown and pavilion. The precision of each facet gives immense brilliance and fire to the stone. The radiant-cut also showcases trimmed corners with distinct edges.

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