A Quick Guide To Men’s Wedding Bands

A wedding band is meant to stay with you forever. So it’s important to invest a considerable amount of time and research before buying one. Online shopping helps you do exactly that, minus the pressure of shop assistants. Sounds great? If yes, then do check out our guide that has handy tips to help you find the perfect wedding band.

A Quick Guide to Men's Wedding Bands
    1. Fix the budget:

      A wedding can easily drain the pocket, so it’s best to first get your budget in place. This single factor will make it easier for you to decide the metal of the band, whether it should be plain/gemstone studded, etc.

    2. Choose the Metal: Men have a lot of options to choose from, and each metal comes with different benefits. Below we’ve listed three of the most popular ones, along with their pros and cons.

      • Platinum: A natural white metal, it is the most revered choice for wedding bands.
        • Pros: Robust and extremely durable. It‘s also a great metal for those with sensitive skin as platinum is hypoallergenic by nature.
        • Cons: Platinum is a rare metal and it also happens to be more dense than gold. This leads to a substantial increase in its price, which may not be practical for everyone.
      • Yellow Gold: Is a result of mixing pure gold with alloys such as silver, copper, nickel or zinc.
        • Pros: Has a rich color that won’t rust, tarnish or corrode.
        • Cons: More malleable than platinum so it is prone to scratches during daily wear. Also, nickel present in the alloy may not suit everyone.
      • White Gold: Created by combining yellow gold with copper, zinc and nickel (or palladium).
        • Pros: Rhodium plating is responsible for giving white gold a classy sheen, and also protects it from scratches. This metal looks like platinum but is considerably more affordable.
        • Cons: Daily wear can cause the rhodium plating to become dull. This means it will require re-plating from time to time.
    3. Pay attention to the fit: The fit of all wedding bands may appear similar, but in reality they can be curved or flat. If comfort is of utmost priority, then look out for bands that specifically mention the term ‘comfort fit’. Such rings have round edges which makes them sit snug on the finger ensuring a fit that’s perfect for everyday wear.
    4. Plain band or with gemstones? The design should be decided purely on the basis of personal preference and budget. Many men favor plain wedding bands because they prefer minimalism. But it’s also easy to find classy designs that showcase intricate carvings without being over the top (refer to the image shown below).

      Opting for a band that includes precious gem/s will add a touch of luxury, but will also increase the overall price.

Plain Wedding Band
  1. Figure out your ring size: Getting this right need not be difficult. Just make sure to get your hands on a ring sizer. Check which loop fits comfortably at normal room temperature. Avoid using the ring sizer when your body is too hot or cold. For more details on this, click here.

    PS: All rings at Angara come with the option of free resizing during the first year of purchase.

  2. Check for Shipping policy and Lifetime warranty: Buying your wedding band online is a great option as you get access to discounts all year round. A reputed brand like Angara will make your shopping experience even more stress-free by offering 30-day money back guarantee. You also get free shipping and lifetime warranty. Know more.

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