The 15 Questions You Should Ask When You Buy Properties Overseas

“YOU GET WHAT YOU INSPECT, NOT WHAT YOU EXPECT.” Promises are easy to make and difficult to deliver. Be sure you are dealing with existing reality.



Cost of living is one factor. Acquiring a new home is another. For some folks who are thinking years ahead, perhaps a condo that can be rented out is the easiest first step.

In Belize, an English-speaking country with over 180 miles of Caribbean coastline, a residential condominium 150 yards from the beach starts at $160,000. Top floor units with views of the water begin in the mid $200’s. Perhaps a Southern California climate is more appealing with both beach and golf. Complete home packages near the clubhouse and less than 3 minutes to the beach by golf cart start under $140,000.

A home on a golf course, hole #8 to be specific, can be yours for less than $160,000. Luxury oceanfront condominiums start in the high $200’s, and custom homes on the water are a fraction of the prices in California. Financing is limited in the region, but may be available for some properties. Be sure to ask because financing can bring many of these properties into the realm of affordability for the vast majority of North Americans. Look for world class properties, where infrastructure and amenities are already in place. But please remember to use caution when considering property ownership overseas. Latin America is the land of buyer beware. Many of the standards in North America (like hot water) are extra and not even included south of the border.

Be sure that your new home will make your quality of life the one you expect and deserve. You can do that if you know the Rules and ask the 15 “Must Ask” Questions in this resource kit. Armed with this powerful information, you’ll make far better decisions about what is right for you. Look for excellent answers to these questions, and be sure to hold all properties, developers and communities up to the same scrutiny. Take charge of your life and your retirement future.

Decide today that you want to spend less for a far better quality of life. If you know this is something you already want to do, e-mail us and reserve a home site, condo, or home today. If you are just starting out, request a free informational handbook about Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, or Panama. Begin your homework and the process of deciding what type of lifestyle, amenities, and climate you’d like best.

But please, more than anything, decide to do something right now. Your actions are what change your future. “No decision” is actually a decision to let the winds of fate carry you along. You owe yourself more than that, don’t you?

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