Akoya Vs Freshwater: Which Pearl Should You Choose?

All pearls may look similar to the naked eye but,in reality, that is never the case. If you plan to buy jewelry featuring this gem then don’t miss our comparative analysis. We’ve pitched two of the most popular cultured pearl varieties against each other to help you make the perfect choice.

Akoya vs Freshwater Pearl

Good to know: Pearls, unlike other gemstones, are not found underground. Instead, they are formed in living organisms like oysters and mussels. Since naturally produced pearls are almost extinct, the demand for cultured pearls produced in pearl farms has increased exponentially in the last century.

Verdict: Akoya pearls have a perfectly round shape with almost negligible variation, which makes them a great choice for jewelry. Bright luster and neutral colors also add to their popularity. When compared to other varieties, such as Tahitian and South Sea, Akoya pearls definitely offer good value for money without compromising on beauty.

Freshwater pearls lack the deep, beautiful gleam of an Akoya. However, the palette of colors and attractive pricing makes them a great option for many people.