Akoya Vs South Sea: Which Pearl Should You Choose?

Love pearls? If yes, then don’t miss this quick comparative analysis.

We’ve pitched two of the world’s most sought-after pearl varieties against each other to help you make an informed choice.


Good to Know: Unlike other gemstones that are found within the crust of the earth, a pearl is born inside a living creature. However, natural pearls are almost extinct, but the demand for this gem continues to rise. For this reason, pearl farms were created.

Almost all of the pearls available today have been painstakingly cultured in different locations across the world.

Verdict: When it comes to Akoya, you can expect a perfect round shape. This feature makes the gem highly sought-after for pearl strands as all of the beads look like a near-perfect match, with little to no variation. In addition to this USP, the surface of a high-quality Akoya pearl is almost 95% clean, which enhances its luster. As mentioned earlier, the size of this gem typically ranges between 3.0mm to 9.5mm. If this fits your requirement then an Akoya pearl will give you excellent value for money.

South Sea pearls, on the other hand, are treasured for having the thickest nacre of all. For the uninitiated, nacre is what gives a pearl its metallic sheen. The average nacre of an Akoya pearl is between 0.35mm to 0.7mm, whereas the nacre of a South Sea pearl measures 2mm to 6mm. This unusual thickness is what gives the South Sea pearl a unique sheen that is often perceived to be soft and captivating. The gold-lipped Pinctada maxima also produces golden South Sea pearls, which have a massive fan-following thanks to their luxurious color.

All these factors, along with a long cultivation time (2 to 4 years), make South Sea pearls one of the most expensive varieties of cultured pearls available today.

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