Aquamarine Vs Blue Sapphire: Which Stone Will You Choose?

We bring to you the battle of the blues. On one corner, we have the royal and mesmerizing sapphire. On the other end sits the icy blue aquamarine. Which stone will emerge victorious? Which one should you choose?

Read on to find out.

Aquamarine-vs-Blue-Sapphire-Which-Stone-Will-You-ChooseGood to Know: Historically, both these blue beauties have been associated with fascinating beliefs. In the medieval times, aquamarine was carried by sailors because it was believed to protect them from the rough seas and turbulent storms.

Blue Sapphire has been in existence since the beginning of time and the gemstone also finds a mention in the Bible. It was said that the sky was painted blue from the reflection of the sapphire. In modern times, the most popular blue sapphire has been the one adorned by Princess Diana on her engagement ring.

Verdict: Considering all the aspects, blue sapphire emerges as the clear winner in this battle. Investing in blue sapphire might slightly affect your budget, but the beauty it displays and the meaning it represents is unmatched.

On the other hand, aquamarine might not be as popular as blue sapphire, but it does have its set of special features. This stunning gemstone exhibits the tranquility of the ocean with flawless clarity and the reasonable pricing makes it a favorable option for your jewelry choices.

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