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How does Earning FEED Crypto Rewards work?

We’re giving a revenue share to our users, from people who create content, to even those who simply upvote! There are tons of ways to earn points on the platform and you can exchange these points for your favorite Cryptocurrencies or NFTs!

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In March 2021 we are releasing our Interact to Earn program, where we reward active community members through on-platform points. With these points you can redeem for Cryptocurrencies or NFTs! We’ll be featuring and rotating several currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Link and other suggested favorites! We will also have a variety of unique collectible NFTs available.

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Coming this spring 2021 we are actively working with new and existing projects to educate new and interested users about what their protocol, token, or platform has to offer. With this you’ll be able to earn FEED and redeem for the tokens used on their platform! This is so you can try it out yourself!

Shared Revenue

At All Your Feeds we are working towards a decentralized system where we really believe the community leaders, content creators, and members should be compensated for their efforts in helping to grow the platform. Through a token system we are currently working on, we want to share our profits and ownership with the great community who help us get here! We understand good content takes research and time to prepare and we want to have an inclusive system that rewards everyone.

The Future

Although we currently just have our FEED reward system, we encourage you to join the community as we are always adding more ways for you to benefit. Start earning your favorite Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Cardano, SushiSwap, and more! We hope to reward the community members as much as you reward us!

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We have added both Day and Night mode, and changed how you view, read, and search for articles. Find out what is happening live on our various feeds from News, Podcasts, Jobs, and Events. Our Database now has over 4.5 million items, and pulls from 7,000+ sources. Additionally our new search makes it easy for you to follow live and historical content.

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