Earn Up To BTC 0.2 For EVERY Sale You or Somebody in Your Organization Refers!

Promoting Infinity Traffic Boost has so many benefits. The main one being that you can grow a downline virally even with only ONE referral. But, let’s show you the POWER of our system by assuming that you are able to refer 10 people.


Now, normally you would only be able to earn commissions on purchases of those 10, but with Infinity Traffic Boost’s Reverse 1Up Compensation Plan you will “Pass up” one sale in order to generate massive sales leverage to INFINITY Depth.

Yep, you make 10 sales, “Pass up” one and get paid on nine. But watch the magic and leverage start from there!

Now, with those 10 sales, you will “pass up” your 2nd sale to your referrer (or nearest qualified upline). That means you’ve made 10 sales and been paid for nine as we noted.

But, this is where the leveraged POWER comes in, each of those nine now “owe” you one sale, their second sale, just as you passed up your 2nd sale to your referrer / upline.

Do you see the POWER? You’ve “given up” one sale in exchange for the right to receive NINE sales from those referrals… How cool is that? That is LEVERAGE!

But it gets even better. Because when your direct referral “passes up” their 2nd sale to you, that person now will generate commissions directly to you (up to 80%) when they purchase any TPO.


And, in our example, you have nine direct referrals who will earn commissions for you and NINE more (the 2nd sale of each of the nine) who will earn commissions for you on any purchase they make going forward.

But, wait… each of those nine sales that could be passed up to you now “owe” you their second sale…

So, now we are up to 27 potential people who each now will generate commissions for you on EACH Of the TPO levels that they purchase from now on.


Yep, it can continue to infinity depth… every time a sale is passed up to you, that person “owes” you their 2nd sale on any TPO on which they have not yet made their lifetime pass-up.

So, it IS true that you can earn to infinity WIDTH (your direct referrals) and Infinity DEPTH (your pass-ups) on up to ELEVEN TPOs.

Check out our Compensation Plan image below and also Click Here to proceed to the Video Tutorial page where you can view both Frank and Clint’s video explaining the compensation plan.

If you are serious about earning Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin, and expanding your advertising resources then ITB is absolutely FOR YOU!

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As an advertiser you will also earn 0.1 credits for each page surfed by members personally referred by yourself that have a lower membership level than yourself.

Please make sure you entered your Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin Wallet Address on your Earnings page so that we can pay you your commissions. You’ll need a Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin Wallet to earn commissions.