Everything You Need To Know About Tennis Bracelets

In the world of fine jewelry, the term ‘tennis bracelet’ is not as old as the style itself. An elegant line of gems worn around the wrist was known as an eternity bracelet, until the year 1987. It was by an accident that this style of jewelry got associated with the game of tennis. That year, ace tennis player Chris Evert had to call a match off when her diamond bracelet came loose and flung into the air. Surely that moment created history and since then this style has been referred to as the tennis bracelet.


Because of its unmatched elegance and versatility, the diamond tennis bracelet has become a staple favorite in the recent times. It sparkles like a line of stars in a constellation. A diamond tennis bracelet adds the adequate dose of opulence to your attire and goes well with any style. When worn alone, it creates a classic and sophisticated look, when stacked with plain or charm bracelets, it looks chic and contemporary. You can find diamond tennis bracelets in endless designs and attractive settings – prong, bezel, bar and channel set, with swirl motifs, hearts, infinity twists and chevron patterns. This timeless and modest jewelry style has the ability to steal the spotlight with its distinctive charm.

For those who’d like to add a pop of color to their ensemble, a colored gemstone tennis bracelet will be a great pick. And the choices in gems are plenty – rubiesgarnetsemeraldsopalsamethystssapphiresblue topazestanzanites as well as colored diamonds. A colored gemstone tennis bracelet can be worn to color-block or match a dress perfectly and yet look significant. It looks bold as the identically cut gemstones set in a line, stand out on the wrist and reflect your individuality with utmost flair. When combined with dazzling diamonds, these gemstone bracelets extend a hint of glamour to any look.

So, how do you like to wear your tennis bracelet – with your little red dress, an exquisite cocktail gown or a casual shirt with a pair of jeans? However you choose to wear it, this scintillating jewelry style is sure to turn heads. You also might also want to explore the extensive collection available at Angara – we have some designs that are sure to delight you!