F&D W19 Bluetooth Speaker Review 2019

f&d w19 bluetooth speaker

F&D W19 Bluetooth Speaker Review 2019, F&D, also known as Fenda Audio, has been around longer than many new brands that currently sell audio products in India. Its products are available online, but it also has a strong presence in the offline space, where its multi-channel speaker systems are popular for buyers looking for affordable home and computer audio solutions

The brand has a lineup of wireless speakers, of which the latest product is the F&D W19 Bluetooth Speaker.

F&D W19 Bluetooth Speaker Review 2019

Priced at 2,990, this wireless speaker promises a lot of good looks, including loud sound and FM radio. Let’s know if F&D punches higher than the W19 price and whether it can compete with this crowdfunding bracket for wireless speakers.

F&D W19 design and specification specific

Most of the speakers we reviewed in this price category have a brick-like design, similarly priced to the Boat Stone 700. F&D W19 different; It looks taller, taller, heavier and better in our opinion.

 It looks like a much more expensive Boers and Wilkins T7, and we think this design is best suited for use in indoor settings.

Unlike some of the competition, the F&D W19 speakers are not water resistant and need to be used carefully.

 Included with the speaker is a strap that attaches to the hooks on either side of its body and can be used to carry the speaker around. With strap attached, the speaker somewhat resembles a handbag.

The speaker itself is well built and quite solid. It has a metal grille on the front and rear, two 2.5-inch full-range drivers on the front and a passive radiator on the back. 

The Power, Mode, Play / Pause and Volume buttons are on the top and have a rubberized finish. Also on top are Bluetooth with microphone and LED indicator for charging status. The F&D logo is on the front badge.

According to the box, the speaker has a total output of 12W (RMS), though the online listings claim total output as 20W. It uses Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless connection. Other connection options include a microSD card slot, USB port, auxiliary input and FM radio.

Digital tuners are used in radio, but in our experience this has not been very effective. We have not been able to get a good reception and the sound does sound a lot of distortion and signal, regardless of which radio station we went to.The F&D W19 has a micro-USB port for charging a 3,000mAh battery USB.

F&D W19 Performance

12W Output At this price, it was decent for the speaker, the size of the driver and the overall size of the F&D W19 expected more in terms of our volume. The speaker was not as sharp as we expected, but it was enough to fill a modest room with sound.

The design of the F&D W19 is not only in its favor, but also in sound quality. It’s not too loud, but it’s also amazingly capable at the highest volume. The speaker looks great for its price.

Sonic Signature is a consumer-friendly one that we enjoy with the genres of electronic, rock and pop. The noise was Bayes and triple-centered, with the mid-range response being noticeably weaker than the rest of the frequency range.

We listened to music using a Samsung Galaxy S9 + (Review) Bluetooth throughout, and starting with New Order’s Rock Classic Blue Monday, we found the sound to be enjoyable, clean, and punchy.

The low-end response was quite impressive, giving the bass some punch notes while keeping the sound as tight as we could expect from an affordable speaker.

The highs were elegant in medium volume, but the volume increased slightly with the F&D W19 pushing the height a bit. Strong lows and heights also tended to overtake the mid-range, and as a result the track’s vocals felt a bit dull and soft.

Heading to Romeo’s great Metropol Orchest rendition of the basement Jaxx, we heard some quality at altitude once again, but they were occasionally peeling and tearing up loud.

 We liked the attack and drive provided by F&D W19 while playing this track; It brings the qualities of lively beat and various instruments to play properly.

However, the track’s soulful vocals were again diminished by a weak mid-range response, and despite the size of the drivers and the distance between them, the soundstage didn’t feel as wide as we would like.

Hearing progressive track condoms by Shur-E-Kahn, we quite liked bribing the bus, but lost some of the drive when we weren’t listening too closely to this speaker.

The sound became alarming and it lost much of its edge six to seven feet from our hearing position. Hearing about F&D W19, about two to three feet away, was typical in our case.

The F&D W19 has a microphone that enables its use as a hands-free device, but it’s a small and rather ordinary microphone voice output was a bit soft, and the microphone was only able to take voice over the end of the call when we held the speaker.

The W19 is not ideally used for this purpose but is a useful feature for occasional needs.

The verdict

The F&D W19 is a simple, well-built speaker that looks good and is well priced for what is on offer. Its design and 12W sound output are decent enough for its key selling points and sound prices.

Although it is not an outdoor speaker; If you want one of these, the Boat Stone 700 will better suit you. The F&D W19 is the most used indoors and does a decent job at it. If you are looking for something to use at home for Rs. 1, this speaker is definitely worth considering.