Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR Review 2019

Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR Review 2019, Fitbit Inspire and Fit Inspire HR are the company’s new fitness band in India. These activity trackers are slim and swim-proof, and are backed by Fitness Fitness Assistant application that helps you track your fitness.

The main difference between them is that continuous heart rate monitoring is present in Inspire HR, and since both are swim-proof, only the Inspire HR can track swim workouts.

Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR

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Despite their set of great features, there are several affordable fitness band competitions that inspire fitness and HR that offer most of the same functionality, but the cost is much lower. However, prices are not everything and we have thoroughly tested Fitbit to find out if it is worth buying two new products.

Fitbit Inspire and HR design inspiration

Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR are less and more uniform and the only major difference is the lack of a heart rate sensor in inspiration. Each capsule has just one button that acts as a home button and lets you start or end a workout as well.

The devices have tiny touchscreen which is their best feature. The backlit OALED display in Inspire and Inspire HR is easy to read regardless of lighting conditions.

The color of the fonts on the display depends on your choice of strap, so the purple variant of Inspire HR uses, for example, purple text, where the black text will contain white text.

We found both Inspire and Inspire HR to be comfortable throughout the day, excluding sweating or dipping in water.

While wearing the shower multiple times we are wearing the fitted inspiration and it survives, but we had to keep it off for a while after that. When our skin and Fitbit dry, it feels comfortable again.

It has been tedious to do this over and over again, but if you just loosen it a bit on your wrist, you can let Fitbit dry without the need to leave the impulse at all.

Except for this problem, Fit Inspiration is very well designed and will go well with almost all types of clothing for both men and women. If you prefer a different color, you can buy extra bands and soup them.

Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR use a proprietary loader that has become a recurrent theme for everyoneFitbit products. Most Fit Chargers only work on one or two own devices, and at the moment it is only a surprise that the company is unable to use a standard charger for similar devices.

Fitbit inspires and inspires HR performance and battery life

We first gave HR the Fit Inspiration and Inspiration through our standard performance test for step tracking. It involves walking at 1,000 steps while manually counting. During this test, Fitbit Inspire recorded 966steps.

This is certainly below the accuracy as the best products of this range will best show deviations of 1 percent (10 steps). Fitbit Inspire HR, on the other hand, logged 1,007 steps while stepping in at 1,000 steps. As far as step tracking goes, both devices perform very well.

We also walked 1km to test the distance tracking on Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR. We have already measured the distance of 1 km through a vehicle odometer.

Fitbit Inspire logged 5km in the distance, and FitbitInspire HR logged it 0.96km. This is reasonably accurate but it is important to note that these measurements are not based on GPS tracking and you should not rely on this distance data to track running or cycling workouts.

Automated workout identification of Fit Inspiration and Motivation HR is a very useful feature but it has created some false positives for us. Both bands were able to log gym workouts correctly when not manually triggered, and the app showed us that we practiced for about 80 minutes each time.

However, we did notice that our passages with the motorcycle or in the car and the “bike ride” were entering. It was a bit disappointing.

The devices do not have built-in GPS and rely on your smartphone to track outdoor running and cycling workouts.

The size and shape of the Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR capsules may not allow for the addition of a GPS chip, but for these fitness bands Rs. 6,999 and Rs. Respectively, and the lack of GPS at this price makes it a bit difficult to forgive. Products like Amazefit Beep are available in India at low prices and have built-in GPS.

We did not get a chance to do a swim tracking test at Fit Inspire HR because we did not have access to a swimming pool at the time of the test. As we mentioned earlier, Fit Inspiration does not support swimming tracking. Only the HR variant does. We submerged both devices multiple times in the water and they survived.

The Fitbit companion app on Android and iOS deserves praise for the software.  It’s one of the best design fitness apps around, and its focus on making data easy to read is commendable. 

You can customize how the app’s home screen looks to delete data readings you don’t need. For example, we don’t care too much about sleep tracking data, so we’ve removed it from our home screen.

Fitbit inspiration and inspiration HR did manage to log our sleep properly though. Once, we took some time to wake up in the middle of the night and the data in the app reflected correctly.

The Fitbit app lets youmanually log food and water intake. These are good features, but we lost the ability to set reminders for ourselves to drink water and log into our food intake. Perhaps the next task can be annoying, but a simple reminder to keep drinking water and logging in will definitely work. The app lets you change the clock face if you want, but we’ve found the default clock face to look right.

As for the devices themselves, the UI of Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR is a bit confusing. You can swipe in four directions and press the button to perform certain actions. However, we have repeatedly found ourselves swiping the wrong way or pressing a button when not needed when using two devices.

You can swipe up to access the practice mode, timer, and settings. You can swipe right to open these sections and start the logging workout. Data is revealed by swiping downwards, such as steps taken, distance covered, etc.

 Fit inspiration and inspiration with a beautiful touch HR lets you swipe right or left on the clock to take steps taken, burns calories, date. Etc. It can be seen below the show time you have the home screen Allows you to quickly test this data without removing it from the clock.

The app lets you choose different watch faces to inspire you or inspire HR if you don’t like the default with a few basic options to choose from.

You can also get notifications of fit for inspiration. The Fitbit app on iOS and Android can tell you exactly which app you want notifications from, and that’s Godsend. Although the vibration motor of the two devices is a bit strong for our liking.

Although they made sure we didn’t miss any notifications, they could be a bit annoying when they were getting multiple alerts at that time.

Disabling notifications for apps that always triggers rumors helps us stay in control.

Fitbit Inspire lasted about four days on a single charge, and Fitbit Inspire HR lasted about three days.

Inspiration HR has a heart rate monitor that logs your heart rate once every five seconds throughout the day and once every second when you are practicing.

Based on how tired we felt during and after our gym sessions, we found the heart rate data to be reasonably accurate.

We also noticed that the heart rate data reported on the app was accurate. In a week when we were recovering from a fever, it went from the mid-70s to the mid-60s (this is a well-known fact that your resting heart rate may increase while you are healthy).

The verdict

Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR are fitness bands that are quite nice.  Quite accurate for their tracking steps and sleep, and the Assistant app is very well designed. We’re pleased with the touchscreen on the Fit Inspire device. They are quite small, but are responsive and clear in all lighting.

However, the price of the fitted Inspire (Rs. 5) and the Inspire HR (Rs. 5) are high. Fitbit Inspire does not have a heart rate sensor, which is a huge drop in price. Unlike some other devices at this price point, Fitbit lacks dual built-in GPS, which makes it a lot less useful for those who don’t want to have their phones with them while practicing. The battery life was not very impressive, especially at Inspire HR.

We will forgive most of these points if device prices are more reasonable. When you buy products like Honor Band 4 and Xiaomi Mi Band 3, you can buy Rs. 3,000, it’s hard to justify more than twice the cost of fitted Inspire and Inspire HR.

Fit Inspiration

Price: Tk 2,5. 6.999


Ice is excellent display

Lick clever collaborative application

• Swimwear proof


• Expensive

• Better battery life

. No heart rate sensor

-No built-in GPS

Rating (out of 5)

• Design: 3.5

Rac Tracking: 3

• Company App: 4

• Battery life: 2.5

• Overall: 3

Fitbit Inspire HR

Price: Tk 2,5. 8.999


Ice is excellent display

Lick clever collaborative application

• Swimwear proof


• Expensive

Battery Poor battery life

-No built-in GPS

Rating (out of 5)

• Design: 3.5

Rac Tracking: 3.5

• Company App: 4

Battery life: 2

• Overall: 3