Limited Edition Production: 100 pieces individually numbered.


The Nakamoto is Here! And you are the first to know!

Franck Muller is proud to announce the brand new watch, the Nakamoto. Only 100 watches will be made in this unique collection.

The Nakamoto is a timeless piece…..

Bitcoin is very much about time – through its creation of a distributed timestamp server to create a universal history of timestamped events.  And now, Nakamoto is a moment to honor Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Reflecting the premium nature of the timepiece, it is made with a carbon fiber case.  Franck Muller watches are made with an exemplary degree of hand finishing and hand craftmanship, as well as mastery of grand mechanical complications.

The Nakamoto has the Vanguard shape that is the Franck Mueller brand’s recognizable silhouette.

It is so fitting that Franck Muller is creating a watch in honor of Bitcoin’s creator.  Franck Muller are masters of mechanical watchmaking complications that come together to make an elegant design – just like Satoshi Nakamoto was a master of technical, economic and legal complications that came together for the elegant design of Bitcoin.

It’s a fit that is simply . . . timeless


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