Introducing the Franck Muller Limited Edition Titanium Gold Elemento

Rubber Black :Limited Edition Production: 500 pieces individually numbered. Alligator Black :Limited Edition Production: 500 pieces individually numbered.

Titanium is an extremely tough yet lightweight metal, having the highest strength to weight ratio of any structural metal.  Titanium is used extensively in the Aerospace industry in high profile military applications like the structure of the SR-71 Blackbird.  The titanium brushed finish gives the Gold Elemento watch a sleek and industrial style.

The machining process is very precise as the whole case acts like an extremely tough egg, tough but brittle, therefore requires surgical precision.  More than ever the new Titanium Gold Elemento time piece unfurls the modern and futuristic features of masculinity. The technical dial embellished with Bitcoin’s Safety Orange CMYK details renew this timekeeper’s elegant and harmonious vision. 

This luxury timepiece dedicated to men is a perfect match between harmonious design and pioneering blockchain technology.  This timepiece is fitted with an black Alligator strap with rubber inside. The Titanium Gold Elemento from the collection is an exciting chapter in Franck Muller’s story of modern and innovative watches.

Each timepiece comes as a two piece “Deep Cold Storage” set, with its own unique public address etched on the dial and a sealed USB containing the private key.  You add your Bitcoins to your Bitcoin wallet or check your balance directly through the dial.

See the FAQ section for PURCHASE  instructions and on how to use the cold wallet.


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