Dan Goldstone wants to help consumers in all walks of life be smarter about managing their personal finances. His message: today, good credit is almost as critical as good health.

Consider these debt facts:

o more than 50 percent of Americans carry $10,000 in credit card debt
o Two million Americans filed for personal bankruptcy in 2005
o 83 percent of college students carry a credit card
o 96 percent of graduate students have 6 credit cards with an average…

Gold is one of the most dynamic elements of the modern economy and some might find it funny that the oldest form of valuing physical commodities is still thriving today. The first gold coins were produced in 700 BC and since then the precious metal has been used as the primary exchange element. The fact that gold was scarce and highly valued made it the perfect means of exchange, regardless of what the exchanged items were. The history of gold turni…

The “Free The Money, Free The World” is an exciting chapter in Franck Muller’s story of modern and innovative watches.

Each timepiece comes as a two piece “Deep Cold Storage” set, with its own unique public address etched on the dial and a sealed USB containing the private key. You add your Bitcoins to your Bitcoin wallet or check your balance directly through the dial.