How to get Venture Capital ? – Angel Investment Network

For your business to obtain venture capital investment, you will need an idea or concept that will grab the investors’ attention and get them interested. Beyond just an entrepreneurial idea, they will want to see that the ideas and growth plans are realistic. They will want to know how much time it will take to achieve such goals, and may even take into account your business acumen and overall demeanour.

One of the common mistakes that entrepreneurs make when seeking venture capital is relying too much on their ideas. Investors will want to see strategies devised to back up this plan, and as a result, entrepreneurs in the Indonesia should seek advice from both legal and financial advisors, as well as making sure that their team has some experience when making this pitch.

How to find Potential Investors?

Signing up with the Angel Investment Network is one way. We have a database of entrepreneurs, along with angel investors that are looking to make investments both in the Indonesia and abroad. After signing up, you can place your ideas online and connect with investors that will help get things rolling.

Venture Capital is a term often thrown around when it comes to entrepreneurs and new businesses. Most start-ups will need some sort of business funding (also known as Equity Financing) in order to grow, yet can’t secure a loan from banks yet. As a result, venture capital is one potential option; one that works as an opportunity for investors as well, as they will often get a strong percentage of what the company makes, should things progress as planned.

When investors view an entrepreneur’s idea or company that they think might succeed, they will offer to make a venture capital investment in exchange for a high percentage return. In some cases the investors will also want to play a key role in the decision making process.

The main types of Venture Capital come either via a “Venture Capitalist”, which is a high net worth individual or private company investment, or via what is known as a “Venture Capital Fund”, also known as a Limited Partnership, which pools together funds from various parties.

The Angel Investment Network has a range of investors who are active across a wide range of industry sectors and are are looking to make this sort of investment in your business ideas.

We connect investors with startups and businesses from all sectors to ensure the relationship is valuable to both parties.