MarQ by Flipkart 43SAFHD Android TV Review 2019

MarQ by Flipkart 43SAFHD Android TV Review 2019, If you want to buy a new TV, you must take a look at online shopping sites. Many brands, including top sellers such as Samsung, Shaomi and Vogue, are available on major e-commerce portals. Furthermore, the online sales economy means you can often make a lot of money on a feature-full TV.

Both Amazon and Flipkart have a wide range of brands and options. Shipping and after-sales support is also fast and reliable for TVs purchased online from authorized vendors.

Let’s talk about Flipkart today. In addition to selling numerous TVs from various brands, it markets its own homegrown brand, Flipkart’s TV under MarkQ. The brand has included a range of electronics and consumer applications and today we have the latest TV for review.

Flipkart 43 SFHD Mark Q of this Android TV costs Rs 21,999, and promises a quality smart TV experience. Read on to find out what you need to know about it.

MarQ by Flipkart 43SAFHD Android TV Review

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Flipkart 43 SFHD Android TV Design and Specifications by Marquee

We usually see affordable TVs focus on size, specification and features rather than aesthetics. So it is quite refreshing that the Marquee 43SAFHD has put some effort into the design of Android TV.

 An 8-inch screen has a slim border at the top and sides, with a slightly wider bottom that houses the firing speakers at the front of the TV.

The marquee logo is in the center, while the power indicator light is on the right. The 43SAFHD TV has a much better finish than most competing products in this price range that we had the chance to check out.

If you only plan to put this TV on a table, then the two included legs are good enough. These are in the inner corners, reducing the amount of space needed on your TV stand. The back of the TV is designed and finished just like the front.

Compared to other TVs of its size, the Markki 43 SFHD TV is quite soft. The body is quite thin at the edges, but it is thicker than near the bottom. The rear ports flush around the body, which can be a problem if you intend to wall-mount the Marquee 43 SFHD TV. The right side of the TV has two USB ports and an HDMI port which is much easier to access than the back side.

The TV has a total of three HDMI ports, two USB ports, a composite AV input socket, an RJ45 port for Ethernet connectivity, an optical digital audio out port, an antenna socket and a small socket marked ‘service’.

Surprisingly, the TV does not have a 3.5mm socket or component audio output to connect external speakers or headphones. There is support for HDMI 1 ports and HDMIIRC over Bluetooth, allowing you to connect compatible audio systems.

There is a single power button on the back, which can be used to select the source when the TV is turned on. For anything else, you need to use the remote present with the TV; Fortunately, the Mark Q made by Flipkart 43 SFHD TV has a great remote. It’s well built and has useful buttons for navigation, playback and more.

The remote has an IR emitter that works after being directed to the TV, but you can also connect it using Bluetooth. Once paired with a TV, the remote works within range and lets you use Google Assistant on the TV as well.

The remote has a microphone that can be used to give voice commands to the TV. Google Assistant is fully functional on TV and can answer all kinds of questions, but TV-specific functionality is limited to taking videos from YouTube, bringing movies to Google Play, or installing apps from the Play Store. The remote also has quick-access buttons for YouTube and Google Play.

Flipkart 43SFHD TV’s Marqueau features a 43-inch full-HD LED-LCD panel with a standard 60Hz refresh rate and 220 nits of peak brightness. The TV has a rated sound output of 20W with Dolby and DTS tuning.

You get 1.25 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal storage, a quad-core processor, Wi-Fi 802.11ac connectivity and built-in Chromecast functionality for screen casting and mirroring from your smartphone or PC. This TV does not support HDR playback.

Mark by Flipkart 43 SFHD Android TV Software

Marquee is a smart TV,powered by Official Android TV (Orio), identified by Flipkart 43 SFHD. This means that there are official, full-blown apps for Google services, including YouTube and Google Play Movies, as well as streaming music through Google Play Music. They work well and provide a lot of content to watch and listen to on TV. They are simply services that are pre-installed; You can download plenty of other apps on TV through the Google Play Store

Netflix and Amazon Prime videos are missing out on a number of apps, including HotStar, G5, and Facebook Watch; This is a major drawback of an otherwise decent smart TV interface.

These apps cannot be found on the Play Store on TV and are listed as unsupported in the Flipkart list for TV.

Surprisingly, you could ask Google Assistant to list the two apps, but there is no option to install them. These apps are generally available on Android TV, but it seems to be specifically disabled in the Marquee 43 SFHD. Flipkart did not respond to a request for comment on the issue.

More surprisingly, bypassing this issue using the built-in Chromecast also leads to a dead end; When we tried to cast from One Netflix to OnePlus T we didn’t see any black screen when we tried to Miracast the smartphone screen while using Netflix or Amazon Prime video applications.

In the end we were able to get two popular streaming services using a web browser on a laptop, which was connected to the TV using HDMI cable. It defeats the purpose of a smart TV and seems like too much effort for anything that should be simple

The Android TV interface is easy enough to use, if you’ve prepared anything better in Google’s own applications or that you can download from the Play Store. The settings and menus are easy to navigate as well and give you lots of control over the TV with images and sound.

We found the interface to be comfortable, but it was improved after a software update that was pressed during our review.

The TV doesn’t take long to boot up, and Android TV boots to the default screen on the home screen instead of the latest used source. But you can enable quick boot through the settings, which allow you to restart the TV while it is on standby and where we left off.

Mark by Flipkart 43SAFHD Android TV Performance

Flipkart 43 SFHD Android TV -Performance We found the most important aspect of our Marquee review. While this TV does have some of the software and specifications outlined above, it mostly gets the image and sound quality right, we’ve seen various content on standard 43 থেকে SFHD TVs at resolutions ranging from standard definition to full-HD that were streamed using an online service or a hard one. The drive was closed.

We started off with an episode of The Parge on Amazon Prime Video, streamed using an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4 connected to 43 SFHD TVs. The show, which originally performed on a one-night basis, looked sharp on TV, streaming in full-HD resolution. The image was clean at smooth pace for the most part, though we did hear some noise in some scenes.

It’s fun to watch Amazon Prime Video on Netflix or the Santa Calrita Diet, as these shows rely less on darkness and more on more enlightened settings. Not much was seen in the darkness of the scene – the latest episode of Game of Thrones, especially the dark third, was quite difficult on several occasions watching on TV.

Animated (and very colorful) Spidermans: Spiderwars streaming on Google Play Movies are far more watchable and enjoyable for some of the color dullness, sometimes turning away from the viewing experience. Likewise, most of the videos on YouTube looked good too.

The dull colors of the TV can be compensated a bit by tweeting its brightness and colorful settings, and we’ve been able to make the best of the TV sharp while watching full-HD content.

The colors were not quite accurate, they were much more believable than similarly priced Thomson 40-inch 4K smart TVs that we recently reviewed.

Naturally, the performances on TV are best with full-HD content.

Apart from the dullness and slight problems in colors with words, the picture quality was just as good as we could expect for the 43SFHD price and size. Had a pleasant viewing experience across our sources, including streaming to external devices and Android TV applications as well as downloaded content.

Moving on to the HD (720p) and standard definition content, the Marquee identified by Flipkart 43SFHD TV was decent enough to fit the full-HD resolution screen.

 Whether watching the news or even the old episodes of Survivor vs Survivor on HotStar, we found that the TV worked well with all kinds of standard definition content job image quality in HD resolution in color and motion was almost as good as full-HD content, only with reduced sharpness. Shows the difference.

The Marquee, marked by Flipkart 43 SFHD, has a total sound output of 20W, with Dolby and DTS tuned for front-firing speakers.

The sound quality is impressive; The TV was high, the voices were clear and distinct, and the action sequences benefited from a strong low-end.

Specialized tuning ensured a decent surround sound experience and a good speaker position made for sound ured even at low volume levels, the voices were audible and distinctive.

The verdict

If your viewing quality is limited to standard definition, HD and full-HD content, the mark identified by Flipkart 43 SFHD Android TV is an appropriate option. In addition to the dull colors it produces, the picture quality is decent and backed up by decent sound. The lack of 4K can be a problem in the long run, but the value proposition for value and money can make this TV worthwhile.

The interface is comfortable, and doesn’t support Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, but the TV does have great performance on YouTube and Google Play Movies, as well as built-in casting that works well with most supported applications.

In conclusion, the Marquee identified by Flipkart 43 SFHD TV is a decent full-HD option for a small or medium sized room. If you absolutely want 4K, you have to either choose a budget model such as the Thomson 40-inch 4K TV, or about Rs. 10,000 for anything from a brand like VU or TCL If you can do without 4K and are looking for an affordable smart TV, you can look for as much as 43SAFHD.

Price: Tk 2,5. 21.999


• Good design

Cent distant

• Clear picture, smooth motion at all resolutions

• Works well on YouTube and Google Play Movies

• Very good sound


• Limited audio connection options

• There is no support for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

• The colors are a bit dull

• Interface sluggish

Rating (out of 5)

• Design: 4

Formance Performance: 3.5

Money Value: 4

• Overall: 4