Presearch is one of the top 5 properties in the blockchain space, with more than 1.3 million registered users and 10 million monthly visits.

Presearchers from Denmark — thanks to Anders for the photo!

Presearch has an active community of advocates around the world who are helping to improve and promote the project in a decentralized fashion.

Compared to other crypto resources like Binance or CoinMarketCap, Presearch traffic is holding steady.

Presearch is now a top 5 crypto property and is holding steady in comparison to the other properties such as CoinMarketCap, Coinbase and Binance.

Monthly traffic stats from

Because our members value their privacy, we have limited internal tracking and rely on external services like Similarweb, which have the benefit of being externally verified and not our internal claims.

Of the 1.3m registered users, approximately 300,000 sign in to the service on a monthly basis. The majority of these users are from Central America, the United States and South America, with usage from almost every country on Earth.

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The traction in Central America makes sense, as nations like Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina are some of the world leaders in cryptocurrency adoption due to their challenging domestic economies due to poor monetary policy and rampant inflation.

And of course, the traction in the US is likely due to it being the largest English-speaking country in the world, and where we have attended events and conferences.

Regardless of where our members are located, there are some common threads that weave most members together:

  1. They value privacy and data ownership
  2. They are cryptocurrency enthusiasts and hold crypto
  3. They are largely web workers (people whose jobs dictate that they spend a lot of time online) and internet power users who like to customize their environments
  4. They are usually accessing Presearch from a computer instead of a mobile device, which is rare in today’s mobile-first world
  5. This means they are in research mode and also more likely to complete purchases and take action online

The most active Presearch members have downloaded our browser extensions and customized their Presearch account to list their most commonly-accessed resources. They return often and spend a significant amount of time, almost 10 minutes and 4 page views per session.

There is a new Presearch mobile app in the works that will make it much easier to use the platform on a phone. It is expected to be released in February 2020 (update: we actually released it early for Android users, check it out here: 

There are hundreds of known cryptocurrency thought leaders and influencers who use the platform and these people have been instrumental in our growth. This includes Youtubers, journalists, bloggers, prominent traders and investors as well as marketers and online promoters.

Some users have referred up to 65,000 people to Presearch, and more than 70% of all users were referred by an existing user.

In short, it’s a great audience to reach as it consists largely of tech-savvy, always-online, early adopters who hold cryptocurrency and have demonstrated an ability to advocate for services they are interested in.

Moving forward, we will focus on continued market awareness in the Americas, while we facilitate adoption in other regions through local partners.

Historically, we have done very little promotion of the platform outside of launching our referral program, and are now ramping up user acquisition actively through a number of different channels.