Orange Sapphire Vs Citrine: Which Gem Will You Choose?

These two gemstones might have certain similarities like their glorious hue and eye-catching brilliance, but they are also poles apart. Orange sapphire, as the name suggests, belongs to the desirable corundum family. On the other hand, citrine is part of the quartz family. What else makes them different from each other?

Check this comparative analysis to find out.


In spite of the similarity in their appearances, orange sapphires and citrines have their unique features. Orange sapphire’s naturally occurring hue is rare and no gemstone can achieve it without being treated; this fact makes it exceptionally special.

Verdict: According to market performance, orange sapphire is the more preferred gem. Being a sapphire, it is also more rare, expensive and durable in comparison to the citrine.

Citrine might not be as popular or brilliant as the orange sapphire, but it’s a great option for budget-friendly jewelry. Heat-treated citrines are available abundantly, so if you are looking for an economical alternative to the orange sapphire, then this gem will be a great choice.