Reducing Stage Fright to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Stage fright is by far the most common reason for people to develop their fear of speaking in public and reducing stage fright to overcome your fear of public speaking may be the best way to go.

There is actually no definite science that will help you reduce your fear of public speaking, but surely, here are some common steps to use to make it work for you.

Try to accept the fear and embrace it, not that you want your fear to take over, but for you to know how your fear works and understand its nature.
Don’t try to fight the feeling, instead, try to look for a way around it.
Rest assured, your fear will pass more easily once you get to terms with it and not be frightened about it anymore.

Next, try to feed yourself with the idea of calming exercises and gain firm footing by taking deep and slow gentle breaths to help relax your mind and body.

You may also aid this by thinking of positive thoughts and enjoyable images to help clear your mind and attention to the matter at hand.

Never ever try to lose track of reality and stay connected with what goes on around and what is happening at the present moment.

Listen closely to others and pay attention to what goes on around you.
Make the most of the situation by telling yourself of supportive, positive, encouraging and esteemable things.

Think of yourself as your greatest fan and supporter, who could help you go through the circumstance of fear you hope to overcome.

Reflect on your past successes and make the most out of our strengths and abilities , by drawing out that inner strength within you to make you weather through the situation.

Practice makes perfect, since it is important to help you keep track of focus by mastering your topic or subject.

Maintain a positive mental attitude, since it will surely reflect on your current disposition and attitude towards your audience.

Make sure to prepare ahead of time and never ever entertain the thought of cramming. Rehearsing more and even overdoing it can be good for you, since it will help you gain mastery of your subject matter.

Always make it a point to project confident and self-assured attitude. Body posture is an important indicator so try to make it look as if everything is fine even if you don’t feel like it. Your body language can tell if you are at your weak spot or not.

Always have focus, never try to be distracted by anything, lest you lose your train of thought and panic. If it should happen just try to pause for a while and compose your thoughts.

Avoid trying to be perfect or be number one. The key to overcoming your fear is not against others but convincing yourself that you are doing a good job and you are good at it. Try to avoid focusing on what mistakes could happen, but on what you think you can do to better improve your performance.

Surely, these are things you may be able to do on your own without having to spend countless amounts of money, just as long as you know that reducing stage fright is the best way to overcome your fear of public speaking.