SCIENTIFIC BREAKTROUGH FROM JAPAN —  DNA Therapy & Regenerating Cell Therapy

AFC stands for Asayama Family Club. AFC Japan was established by Asayama after accumulating years of sales and trading experience. He worked hard to build a comprehensive production system and operate with 4 Main Principles, namely Improving Quality Standards, Affordability, Increasing Awareness and Social Responsibility.

In 1999, the AFC began international trade, developing more than 200 productsin other major countries such as Singapore, Korea and China. During its development period, Asayama Tadahiko realized that this industry had great potential to develop into a large and global company. Asayama Tadahiko is the leader of the ever-expanding industry in Japan.

What is AFC product?

AFC products are distribution through 314 distribution points throughout Singapore, including retail chains, department stores and hospital pharmacies. Annual Roadshows and Events. Corporate Philosophy. Since its establishment in 1969, AFC Japan stands by its corporate philosophy of ensuring product.

The revolutionary of Stem-cell Alternative from Japan


Produces a 600 dalton nano size peptide concentrate and is very easy to absorbed and function optimally in the body.

Subarashi SOP contains 150% more Salmon Ovary Peptide compared to SOP 100+. Besides containing Triple Peptide, Subarashi also contains other active ingredients which have been proven to be very good for your health.

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UTSUKUSHHII is AFC’s flagship product for skin beauty. The Japanese believe, besides the heart, our intestines are the most important organs that work the hardest. Without us knowing it, all sources of the disease start from the problematic intestine. With a healthy intestine, the skin looks healthy and beauty and radiate from within.

What is Salmon DNA?

Salmon DNA is a “Salmon Milt” protein produced by male Hokkaido Oncorhynchus Keta Salmon, which functioned as a skin nutrient. Japanese scientists have discovered the magic contained in Salmon DNA 10X better than ordinary collagen. Which at the moment, Salmon DNA has become the world’s top celebrity beauty secret.

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Sensei Suru Nano Peptide Regenerating Serum



pharmaceutical giant from Japan which has been listed on the Japanese stock exchange Tokyo Stock exchange to become the first MLM in the world to be allowed to use their main brand AFC. … Successfully made AFC one of the biggest MLM in Indonesia.



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