The good news is that you do not have to suffer through sleepless nights pondering how to rescue your retirement portfolio from inevitably much higher interest rates and shaken U.S. and global equity markets. Gold boasts the world’s longest-running historical record of protecting investors’ retirement portfolios when the economy and markets finally encounter reality once again.

The higher inflation and inflating away of the enormous debt is a Pyrrhic victory for central bankers. It’s tragic news if you are the average working guy trying to cover your bills with every paycheck though. Fortunately, there is no reason to lose sleep every night pondering how to save your retirement portfolio from a stagflation-induced market crisis. Gold has repeatedly demonstrated its dependability time after time in periods of stagflation throughout time and the planet.

As an investor, you have to do you due diligence regardless of which asset class you plan to invest in, and it is no different in the crypto and ICO industries. Investors must remember that there is no government oversight or buyer protection when it comes to investing in ICOs, since this is a relatively new and unregulated industry.

Now you know where the stock market has obtained its unbelievable gains from (over the past ten years) since the last meltdown caused by the Global Financial Crisis and Great Recession. Never in the entire history of the world has there been such an enormous amount of fake money created to produce such an unbelievable amount of false prosperity for so many individuals who were faked out by it all. Be forewarned; the writing is on the wall.

The biggest African oil producer and fellow OPEC member Nigeria is anticipating a leadership change that is likely to upset the fragile peace deal with the militants who dramatically reduced the national oil output only two years earlier. Meanwhile, Libya has elections coming up in an effort to break the four year old civil war stalemate (between rival Eastern and Western-based governments) that often interferes with the country’s oil exports.