Take Control and Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

You may say that you’ve lost it when you feel that you have not lived up to expectations after delivering your speech, however, you can take control and overcome your fear of public speaking.

Fear oftentimes makes people lose track of a good train of thought and focus, but in reality, fear can be overcome and help one to even take control of his fear and turn the situation around, as long as he wills it.
Overcoming the fear of public speaking may not be difficult at all, as long as you understand how your fear affects you mood and disposition.

For many, the very thought of speaking in front of people or an audience is reason enough for them to be afraid, nonetheless, this is not an insurmountable problem.

The fear may be due to several reasons, like the fear of committing a mistake in the middle of the speech, public scrutiny, shame and not meeting up to expectations, which are among the many and common reasons why people fear the thought of going in front of the public.

But you can definitely take control and make the most out of the situation, especially if you are determined enough to overcome your fear and keep solid footing.

Try not to set too much expectations upon yourself, since the more expectations that are set, the more chances of you building up your own fears of not meeting up with those expectations.

So before speaking in front of a crowd, avoid the notion that you are perfect and that you cannot make mistakes .

Always come prepared, since you need to make sure that you need to get your message across in the most concise and comprehensible manner possible.
You don’t need to be perfect, all that is needed is for you to be prepared and ready since this will make you less fearful of committing a mistake.
Focus on images and thoughts that will help you relax and develop a positive mental attitude.

You can also do this by trying to calm yourself and gain a firm foothold of any situation by using deep and gentle breathing exercises to help you gain composure.

Use positive biofeedback by telling yourself that you can overcome fear and that you can take control of the situation, using supportive and self-encouraging pep talk can help boost self –morale and esteem, making you more confident about dealing with the anxiety of the situation or your fear.

Never always ever lose track of reality, this will help you gauge how well you are adapting to any situation that you are in.
Dwell on your strengths and make it the driving force that will push you to try out anything new and to conquer your fears.

Lastly, take things one step at a time, do not take on situations too seriously or you could lose focus and lose track of what helps you draw your strength towards achieving your desired goals and believe it or not, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a key factor that can help you develop that sense of reality.

So try to take these items to heart, understand it well and make the most out of it, since it will help you take control and overcome your fear of public speaking.