The Trading Strategy Guides “Ah Ha” Moment

Get REAL-TIME Forex Signals Sent to Your PC, Mobile Phone, or Tablet Everyday! – Guaranteed!

No Forex Trading Strategy? No Problem! Learn How You Can Follow These Easy-To-Learn Forex Signals

What Is Inside this Forex Trading Signals Service! 
Highly Profitable Signals Based on the Strike Trader Elite Strategy
This system has been tested for many years by professional traders that have been trading for 30+ years. You will see how to get easy and stable profit, without all the Risk!
Multiple Trade Styles Welcome
This system was mainly designed for Forex Traders. You will get real-time alerts everyday the market is open based on our unique strategy sent to you through Telegram!


The Best On-The-Go Trading Signal Service In the World? Here is Why…
This is a bold claim, but we wanted to show you why we say this.

Take a look:
This is a quick snap shot as to what you can expect to see in this Strike Trader Elite Signals Group.

The signals will trigger in real time and are running at a private location 24/7 so you will never miss a signal again!
The signals will consist of six different elements:
  • Symbol The pair the signal Triggered on
  • Time Frame: The time frame the signal appeared
  •  Signal – Buy, Sell,Buy Entry Order Triggered, Sell Entry Order Triggered
  • Entry Price: The price you will take the trade
  •  Stop Loss: The price you set your stop loss**
  • Take Profit: The price you will set your Take Profit**
**There are multiple Take Profit levels and Stop Loss levels. Once the First TP is hit, you can adjust SL #1 and TP #1 to the new prices that get triggered. We leave this up to you to decided if you want to stay in the trade or add to it! All signals are valid until our Pulse indicator reverses or the new SL levels are triggered which you will see in the Signals channel.
For every signal you also get a chart image!
The reason we provide a chart Image is for those who would like to do a last minute validation before entering the trade.

Most price action traders can scan a chart quickly and come up with a logical conclusion in the matter of seconds.
We think that the combination of sharing the entry, stop loss, and take profit, along with sharing the chart image and a community chat, this makes this a #1 on the go trading system!


How You Will Get Notified Immediately On Any Device, and NO We Wont Clog Your Email Inbox!
First, we will start out with Desktop Alerts:
 #1 Desktop/Tablet Alerts
You will get desktop alerts that would pop up at the bottom right portion of your screen.

This is a huge help because you really cannot miss them.
The advantage of this is that you can go about your business on the web until you hear (or see) an alert pop up.
No need to continue to monitor your email inbox, everything will be conveniently in front of you.
 #2 Mobile Phone Alerts
Away from your desktop or laptop computer?
No Problem! Get all the alerts on your Smartphone!

Don’t be like James and fiddle around with useless software hoping to get the right signals and analysis in the middle of traffic.

Our signals will come directly to your smartphone immediately with clear instructions and levels.
All you need to do is take the trade 😊
 #1 Smart Watch Alerts
So this part is really cool…
Do you own a Smartwatch?
Our trading signals can be setup so that you will get them on your Watch!
If you would have said that 20 years ago, someone would have thought you were crazy! 😜
But due to technology, we are now able to set this up and send them to your smartwatch instantly!
For Something Like This It Has to Cost Me a Fortune For Access, Right?
If we could make every tool and system we develop for Free, we would do that in a heartbeat, and we hope you know that!
Our mission has always been to provide the best trading content, system, and strategies you can find on the web.
And the feedback we get is astonishing!