Top Five Diamond Settings

Who can resist forever brilliant bold diamond beauty? Although appealing, bold diamond jewelry can put a hole in your wallet. Keeping color and clarity consistent, a solitaire diamond becomes exponentially expensive after 1.50 carats. Other than remaining as the most sparkling and hardest (pure carbon) gemstone, diamonds are also most in-demand. However, changes in our economy have forced a shift in diamond buying trends. People have become more aware and gemstone jewelry savvy. Consumers want better value for their money. More often than before, consumers demand a colored stone-diamond combination in their jewelry. If you want a larger and more brilliant look without excessively spending, then these five settings will ensure you’ll receive the best bang for your buck:

Bezel Setting


Considered one of the most secure settings for diamonds, a bezel setting offers more than security. It gives a gemstone’s table a wider surface area. If your diamond is set in white gold or platinum, your metal will shine more, and allow more focus to your diamond, making it appear larger.

Pave Setting


Intricate and impressive, pave setting gives a look of aggregate brilliance. In this setting, numerous smaller diamonds are finely set adjacently, clubbed by tiny prongs. From a distance, they appear as one large diamond. However, intricate pave setting demands more skills, and therefore, may cost more than one larger diamond. You may choose a ring with pave diamond wedding band for additional sparkle.

Fancy Shapes


Round brilliant diamonds look comparatively smaller than their fancy counterparts. Marquise, pear, oval and/or rectangle, fancy shapes are an amazing way to enjoy larger looks in less carat weights. These shapes spread better on your finger, giving a wider look. Significance of fancy shapes is another reason to look for this setting. The only drawback with fancy shapes is your diamond will lose brilliance because of a deep step cut. However, their enormous look easily outdoes their pitfall. Do you know how many of your favorite A-list stars flaunt fancy shaped diamonds? More than you may think.

Side Stones


Want a luxurious look? Add side stones in your jewelry. When side stones complement your center stone (I.e. Three stone ring), your ring appears more classy and elegant.


Diamond halo is another incredible way to make your center stone look larger and brighter. In addition, this style also gives your ring a remarkable vintage effect.

Illusion Setting

Why not to create an illusion that lasts forever? Illusion set diamond jewelry is a new found love for brides-to-be. Small diamonds carefully set in highly reflective metal rings create an optical illusion of a larger diamond. For example, this ring has a small, but brilliant marquise and princess cut diamonds tightly framed in reflective metal. Interestingly, this diamond ring provides an over 1-carat look, when in reality, remains much less.


Choosing any of these top setting recommendations will help you save more while you enjoy eternal brilliance and beauty. In order to help you find your best setting, has introduced a sparkling range of diamond products, including luxury halo rings and extraordinary illusion diamond jewelry. You can browse Angara’s Diamond Jewelry Collection for more sparkling surprises.