Breezy weather and wintry attires- this is what strikes our mind when thinking about September. In addition, Fall cannot be concluded without mentioning beautiful and bewitching blue sapphires. These radiating September birthstones are revered for their intense hues, endearing shine, and symbolic significance. Epitomizing strength and deep love, we enlist top ten high quality blue sapphire pendants, filled with rich color and sparkle, but also are must-haves for jewelry enthusiasts:

10. Round Sapphire Pendant:


This stunner comes with a round solitaire sapphire topped by a dazzling diamond. Interestingly, made our top ten list courtesy of unique V-bale styles and magnificent designs. You can comfortably wear this gorgeous saturated pendant in work or casual environments. Universally accepted and praised.

9. Pear Sapphire Pendant:


Drop a bold statement with this pear shaped blue sapphire and diamond pendant. Exclusively designed, this alluring pendant is handcrafted in lustrous 14K white gold. Owning a classic design, sure to become your favorite in no time.

8. Infinity Knot Pendant:


Own a rare and timeless jewelry item this Fall! This blue sapphire and diamond pendant showcasing an exceptional infinity knot style will undoubtedly make you stand out from a crowd. An expression of eternity and love, this pendant can be a great gift for your significant other.

7. Round Sapphire Infinity Knot Pendant:


This round sapphire infinity knot pendant is one of the mostsought out given its design and sentimental value. This jewelry can ideally be called a token of love and appearance,and a perfect present for anniversary, birthday, and/or special occasion.

6. Oval Sapphire Pendant :


An immaculate juxtaposition of an oval shaped solitaire illumination, this saturated blue sapphire and trio of forever brilliant diamonds is sure to fetch you several compliments. Handcrafted, this one-of-a-kind piece is an ideal choice for gala events and special ceremonies.

5. Pear Sapphire and Diamond Pendant:


Personifying elegance and sophistication in every facet, this sapphire pendant exudes an unmistakable charm. With a pear shaped blue sapphire hanging on a diamond secured bale, this luxurious jewelry item will be a versatile addition to your collection.

4 Sapphire Dangling Pendant:


Add a different swing to your style, accentuating your outfit with a mesmerizing masterpiece. With a finely cut solitaire blue sapphire dangling from a diamond encrusted bale, flawless fit for every occasion.

3. Round Sapphire and Diamond Pendant:


One of the most popular sapphire jewelry items of the year, this pendant is admired for its simplicity, yet appeal and aesthetics. This round sapphire pendant is bejeweled with shimmering diamonds. If you’re looking for exquisiteness and a stylish spin, you’ll know you have the right pick.

2. Loop Knot Pendant:


If you wish to add extraordinary to your jewelry collection, then look no further. Stylish in a loop-knot fashion, this blue sapphire pendant is inspired by the archaic Celtic symbol, denoting constant flow of energy and emotions.

1. Sapphire Split Bale Pendant:


One of the most praised sapphire jewelry is this beauteous sapphire and diamond pendant. Created in a unique split bale design, this pendant makes for an impressive accessory. No wonder, this delicate pendant tops our list!

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