Trending Now: Pearl Engagement Rings

It’s no more a secret.

High-profile celebrities are ditching the usual sapphire and diamond creations and opting for more understated choices to make their relationship official. One such gem, currently in the news, is pearl – the minimalist and elegant treasure from the sea.

Here’s what makes cultured pearls a brilliant choice for your happy occasion.


Meaningful Back Stories:

Let’s be honest, we all want our engagement ring to have a deeper meaning rather than just be a proof of ‘I’m not single anymore’. The good news is that most gems, be it the regular favorites or the non-traditional options, usually have intriguing legends that back them up.

In the case of pearls, the symbolism is quite inspirational. It’s a known fact that this gem is born when an unwanted or foreign substance enters the oyster. This ‘irritant’ is then coated with layers and layers of glossy nacre, which over a period of time turns into a pearl.

It goes without saying that this gem is a remarkable symbol of resilience and strength; a beauty that emerges through the testing times. Good enough to wear it on your ring finger, right?

Options Make Life Better:

Well, this certainly is true when it comes to picking an engagement ring. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with something that doesn’t reflect your love just the way you imagined, right? Luckily, the humble pearl comes in four different varieties, each with its own USPs…

  1. Freshwater: These pearls are relatively more affordable than the others and are frequently used in different types of jewelry. We suggest opting for the heirloom-quality to make the most of its beautiful luster and creamy hue.
  2. Akoya: These are famed for possessing a deep, beautiful gleam and are a specialty of Japanese pearl farms. They have an extremely high refractive index so expect more shine. Excellent quality Akoya pearls will also showcase dreamy pink overtones.
  3. South Sea: These happen to be the rarest and largest among all cultured pearl types. The estimated time for a single South Sea pearl to fully mature is around four years. The accumulation of thick nacre during this period gives the gem its coveted satiny, soft glow.

    Important Note: South Sea pearls are available in white and gold. The gem looks remarkable in both the hues and they require no color enhancement treatments.

  4. Tahitian: This one is perfect for those who love to show their distinct sense of style. Tahitian pearls have a dramatic hue, which can range from grayish-black to a peacock-black. The color it displays is completely natural and devoid of any enhancement. This is just one of the reasons why Tahitians pearls are one of the most valuable pearls available today.

The pearl happens to be the only gem that is born within a living organism. It is a one-of-a-kind treasure that reflects beauty, transformation, vulnerability as well as strength.

Seal the deal with this one, it certainly won’t disappoint.