You can see WHY affiliates are making HUGE money with THIS program.

You can see WHY affiliates are making HUGE money with THIS program.

Regal Assets affiliate program is a true high paying affiliate program for those who want to make thousands of dollars from one single click.

Let me ask you a simple question. How much a single visitor can be worth?$1, $100, or maybe $500? A single click may worth $90,000 if you promote the Regal Assets affiliate program. That is right, you can make an entire year of living from a single visitor.

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This company’s affiliate program formerly named as Clickagain but rebranded later as RA Wealth Partners (Regal Assets Wealth Partners).

Let’s have a look at how come the company can pay this large of a sum to an affiliate.

Regal Assets (RA) is a precious metal and cryptocurrency investment company. They have different investment options like rollover IRA or 401k into Gold IRA or Silver IRA. The company helps people to make important investment decisions in alignment with their financial situation.

RA has built an excellent reputation on the market that extends over 10 years today. Hence any people with an interest in this company’s products will not hesitate to be a customer of them. As an affiliate, your goal is to bring visitors to one of the landing pages you are provided.

What is the company’s reputation?

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In 2013, Regal Assets is included in the Inc 500 list. Considering there are millions of private corporations in the US, it is a very serious achievement.

The company holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance with only one complaint over 2 years of age. It also has over 333+ 5 out of 5 star verified client reviews with TrustLink. Additionally, RA has been featured in major publications like Smart Money, Forbes.

The company has a ton of accumulated trust behind them. You will not have a hard time convincing people that the company is very reliable.

Once your lead is contacted and verified as a “qualified lead”, you make your initial commission from your referral. Even your referral who signs up the form doesn’t make an investment with the company you still make a certain amount of commission

How much you can make promoting RA?

Below you can see a payment structure company uses to pay the affiliates.

$30 – $100 per qualified lead.

$5,000 – $14,999 = 1% of net investment.

$15,000 – $29,999 = 2% of net investment.

$30,000 – $99,999 = 3% of net investment.

$100,000+ = 5% of net investment.

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The company accepts a minimum $5,000 investment for cash deals. Also, the minimum investment amount for precious metal retirement accounts is $10,000. The average investment made to the company is around $65,000. It means you are likely to make a $1,950 commission from a single sale.

If you have never promoted high ticket affiliate products it may be challenging when you start for the first time. Because promoting these products require a different type of approach.

You may wait a few weeks or sometimes months without making a sale. It may be frustrating if you are not familiar with this type of experience.

But you are not alone! Regal Assets has a mentorship program. Once you are accepted into their program, you can choose a mentor in your dashboard.


What marketing tools do they provide?

Once you have an affiliate account you are going to have a wide variety of marketing tools at your disposal. Some of these tools are:

* free guides,

* landing pages,

* banners,

* news articles,

* videos,

* targeting and demographics information,

* keyword list to target.

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Regal Assets also offers a mentorship program to help new affiliates get acquainted with the program. There are profiles of a few mentors available on your dashboard. You can choose one of them to be your mentor.

The first mentor I have picked didn’t even answer anything I wrote him. The second one could only write a few sentences and I have lost connection with him.

That is something totally I can relate to. Mentors are busy professionals that have massive lifetime earnings promoting RA investment products. If they have answered everyone’s question they could barely find any time to do their own stuff.

Hence don’t put a big expectations on mentors. If you have a few questions, ask them. They will answer once they get time. Alternatively, you can connect with them on social media channels to accelerate your connection process.

Keep in mind, most information you will get from the mentors is generalized information. Which keywords convert, and what type of content you should create, etc. Mentors are your competitors unless you have signed up under their Team (As their 2nd Tier affiliates).

Regal Assets vs Other Gold IRA Affiliate Programs

Well there are obviously other Gold IRA affiliate programs as well. You may be thinking why to promote Regal Assets rather than another gold IRA program. This is a very logical question and there is a good answer that.

If you have a finance blog, and you review multiple gold investment companies you should definitely link out all of those companies. However, if you plan to dedicate your blog for a single gold affiliate program then RA is hands down best.

I don’t need to repeat here again that RA is 5 star verified client reviews with TrustLink and it is has been rated #20 in the USA for financial services by Inc. Magazine. There is a massive trust on the company.

But this is not the main reason you should be promoting Regal Assets but not other popular gold IRA program.

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